PsyOps is Psychological Operations.  Its the puppet master directing the actions, beliefs, emotions and behaviors of people or entities by using a dark art known by Special units of the government.  The purpose is specific to an outcome and the actions are surgical.

This is the dark arts of psychology.  Many believe its nothing more than  Manipulation, Coercion, Slanderous speech , etc.  Most people fail to realize the skill, technology, organization, science, and psychology it takes to run a professional effective campaign.

PsyOps is done by a small group of professionals in the industry, not a loan wolf hacker, nor a amateur out for revenge.  Done incorrectly and you can get sued, found out (if your trying to remain anonymous), or be completely ineffective and have it reversed on you.  We teach our students every step of the process, organization, science and implementation of a real PsyOps campaign from step one to the Exfiltration.

When done properly you can bring down a government, corporations, competition or even an Ex.  It can protect your good name and undo wrongs done to you.  PsyOps can help you maintain a clean reputation like a credit report for your company or character. You live in the digital age where everything about you is available to anyone, make sure your reputation is protected.

The difference between what we teach you and what the government does is only one thing; the target.  We target specific individuals or entities, where the government will also target a complete populace or regime.